Meet Dr. Kathleen J. Diehl

Dentistry has given me so much joy and fulfillment in life. I am so lucky to drive to work each morning feeling excited about what the day will hold!

I love helping people.

I love taking something that is broken, immediately fixing it, and making it look and function as well – if not better – than it did before it broke.

I love seeing patients who I’ve known for years and who’ve become my friends, and catching up on what’s happening in their lives as their families grow and change.

I love watching my team grow bonds amongst each other and amongst our patient family.

This is such a special office, with such wonderful patients and such an amazing team. I am thankful to have been given so much through this practice and the people it has brought into my life.

Education and Experience

I grew up in Reno, Nevada, and attended the University of Rochester, where I received a Bachelor of Science in Biology. Moving back to the West Coast, I then completed dental school at Oregon Health and Science University, graduating with my Doctorate of Dental Medicine (DMD). I have now practiced dentistry for ten years! I can’t believe it – the time has gone so fast!

I chose dentistry out of a love of biology, health, and healing. Our ability to treat disease so successfully still amazes me. And yet, there is an art to dentistry, too: I get to use my hands to make smiles more vibrant and beautiful, and that is really fun!

As a dentist, I am most passionate about making every visit and treatment comfortable and easy for the individual; I love to take the fear out of procedures and ensure each person feels secure and relaxed while here. The greatest compliment I can receive is when someone falls asleep during their procedure – and yes, that happens and is wonderful!

Constant Learning and Professional Affiliations

I take great pride in always providing my patients with the latest proven, minimally-invasive care that dentistry has to offer. Each year I spend many hours learning how to use the latest technologies available, studying the newest research in prevention, and exploring the best innovations to provide dentistry as safely and comfortably as possible.

I am an active member of the:

  • American Dental Association
  • California Dental Association
  • San Joaquin County Dental Society

Through these organizations, as well as study clubs, I learn from leading practitioners, specialists, and my peers.

One of the most exciting innovations we have brought into the office is CEREC® technology. We have been making crowns and onlays in-office for a year now and I feel I have a new lease on life as a dentist!

With this incredible advancement I am able to get rid of most temporaries, which means patients only have to heal once, and they don’t have to baby a plastic tooth for three weeks while waiting for a lab to make the new tooth.

Instead, I get to design every aspect of the restoration and craft it here, in one day: I love having control over the fit, function, and appearance and love that it makes things so much easier for my patients!

Beyond the Office

When I’m not working, you’ll most often find me with family. Trent, my husband, is an attorney here in town. We make so many dentist and attorney jokes it’s not even funny. At all.

Trent and I have a 12-year-old daughter, Peyton, and twin three-year old sons, Jack and Luke. We also have three dogs, Buster, Maggie, and Ashley, and a goldfish who is truly a survivor – I have no idea how he is still with us … .

The boys and I love playing at local Lodi parks; we’re especially fond of Lodi Lake. Occasionally I can be found on a golf course. If you see me there you should duck, as a ball may be flying your way. I am trying to learn how to golf, but really am terrible!

I also enjoy running and riding my bike around Lodi. I am passionate about exercise and make sure I do something every day, whether it be running, biking, swimming, Crossfit, or yoga. It helps keep me focused and I think I would be a mess without it.

Music is important to me, too. I studied double bass performance in college and play in the Stockton Concert Band. I love to play the piano at home and am currently helping teach Peyton while looking forward to introducing the boys to music.

Giving back to the community is another passion of mine, especially helping the underserved. I am on the board for the Loel Senior Center, helping raise money to fund Meals on Wheels in Lodi and Lockeford, as well as provide lunch and activities at the center. It is a great organization and we put on a fantastic lobster feed in November.

When I am able to find a few free minutes at home, I love escaping into a book. I love to read and suggestions are always welcome!

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